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Sulky Stick n Stitch

How to use Stick ’n Stitch to easily get a design in place for Hand Embroidery, Appliqué, Quilting, Punch Needle, monogramming, thread sketching, computerized machine embroidery.

1. Print or copy a design onto Stick ’n Stitch. Place Stick ’n Stitch in the paper tray so that the design will print on the fabric side - not the backing sheet. Use a light setting on the printer to print the design, then peel off the backing sheet. Smooth the printed design in place, with sticky side facing the fabric, and stitch.

2. Fabric manufacturers use finishes or sizings which might prevent Stick ’n Stitch from adhering properly. If this occurs soak the fabric first to remove the finish or sizing.  Dry thoroughly before applying Stick n Stitch.

3. Stick ’n Stitch has a slight grid pattern which you can use to space your stitches more evenly.

4. You can move or reposition your design if you don’t like your initial placement.

5. You may not need an embroidery hoop because Stick ’n Stitch holds the fabric stable which minimizes distorted fabric.

6. Once stitching is completed,  cut away the excess Stick ’n Stitch. Remove any that remains by placing the project in warm water for 2 to 3 minutes.

7. Rinse thoroughly. Air dry on a towel, or in a dryer if your fabric can tolerate heat.

8. If any stiffness remains after the project is dry repeat the rinsing and drying process.

Notes on printers:

Printers and inks vary. Always do a test print to check that the ink in the printer does not bleed and that it washes out completely along with the Stick ’n Stitch. If the ink bleeds use a different machine.

Some copy machines might jam if thicker types of paper are put through the lower cassette tray. It is worth taking the precaution of feeding Stick ’n Stitch into the printer one sheet at a time and where possible using the rear tray. Rear trays are often able to take thicker cardstock. Consult the printer manual.

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