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DMC water soluble canvas

DMC water soluble canvas comes in pre-cut sheets measuring 20 x 22cm (8" x 8.5").

It is a thin flexible 14 count canvas.

It can be used to add cross stitch to clothing, table linen, or home decor.

To use water soluble canvas, first cut a piece of canvas a little larger all around than the cross stitch design to be stitched.

Pin the canvas onto the item on which the design is to be worked and tack it into place using long, loose stitches that can be easily removed.

Stitch the design in the usual way as though working on Aida. Make sure all the stitches go right through both the canvas and the fabric of the item being decorated.

When the stitching has been completed place the finished piece into a bowl of warm water and leave to soak for 10 minutes until all the canvas has dissolved away. 

Use a clean towel to press excess water out of the fabric. Lay the work flat and allow to dry.

Press with a warm iron on the front of the fabric, but on the back of the stitched area. Pressing in this way will remove creases from the fabric without pressing the stitches really flat on the front of the work.

DMC Water Soluble Canvas is perfect for customising textile items with cross stitch.


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