Home & Repair

Home & Repair

Gadgets and materials for fixing and doing.

Velcro adjustable Ties

5 ties in each pack.

Choose the 5 different colors pack or the all black pack.

$10.34 Ex Tax: $9.40

Name Label Kit


$7.32 Ex Tax: $6.65

Papercraft T-shirt transfer paper

Inkjet transfer film.

Pack of 10 A4 size sheets.

$42.35 Ex Tax: $38.50

Triumph Anti-static Spray

Linen Scented spray.

$15.95 Ex Tax: $14.50

Papercraft magnetic photo paper

gloss or non-gloss 5 sheets per pack

$24.04 Ex Tax: $21.85

Birch Cheesecloth 90cm x 2.7m

100% cotton cheesecloth for crafting and home use.

$9.85 Ex Tax: $8.95