Patchwork Tools

Patchwork Tools

Equipment to make your patchwork and quilting projects easy to do and perfectly beautiful.

Quilters Wash Away Tape 8mm

Double sided and transparent.

$18.65 Ex Tax: $16.95

Hand Needles with plain silver metal eyes

Embroidery Crewels 16 packs

Ballpoints 10 packs

Beading 6 packs

Straw Milliners 10 packs

Tapestry 5 packs

Quilting Betweens 20 packs

 Price per pack

$6.88 Ex Tax: $6.25

Hand needles with gold eyes

Embroidery Crewels 16 pack

Sharps 16 pack

Straw Milliners 10 pack

Tapestry 5 pack

Quilting betweens 16 pack

Beading 6 pack

Price per pack

$8.25 Ex Tax: $7.50

Clover Adapter Iron Tip - Large

Large Iron Tip for Mini Iron II

$28.49 Ex Tax: $25.90

Clover Adapter Iron Tip - Ball

Clover Ball Tip for Mini Iron II 

$28.49 Ex Tax: $25.90