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Markers, pens, pencils

Markers, pens, pencils, tsukineko, fabrico, dual tip marker,

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Dressmakers Pencil Set 3 assorted colours

Dressmakers Pencil Set 

Set of 3 colours.

Markings will wash out in warm water.


Quilters Silver Pencil, hard lead.

Quilters Silver Pencil

hard lead

sharp point


Water Soluble Pencil - white

white lead pencil

water soluble lead


Template Marking Pencil

Template Marking Pencil

The thick black lead writes smoothly on template plastic


Clover Hera Marker, leaves no residue

Residue free marker for sewing and craft.


Bohin Mechanical Chalk Pen Pencil Set

White and Coloured Chalk refills.

Textile eraser and lead sharpener


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